Understanding Your Monthly Statement

Rent Charge/Income
This section shows the income received from your tenants.
The dates listed on the statement are the dates we enter the payments into the system, this is not necessarily the exact date we received the payment. Rent checks can be postmarked up until the 5th of the month before they are considered late, so we often receive checks well after the 5th that are not late.

If there is more than one tenant in a unit, often times the tenants pay separately so you will see multiple payments on the statement.

Owner Draw
This section shows rental income that we distributed to you the owner.

Portfolio Minimum
This line item shows the amount agreed upon in the management agreement that we hold in the account at all times in case a maintenance issue arises before the rent comes in.

Owner Contribution
This section shows the funds that the owner provided to Owl. (These funds could have been contributed to create a beginning balance, to cover the costs of a renovation or large repair costs or to cover costs while a property is vacant.)

Total Equity
This section shows the amount of draws and contributions combined, (Draws-Contributions).

Due to Owner
This section shows the profit (income-expenses) minus the portfolio minimum.