Rental Building Management Services

General Management

  • -Tenant relations—Owl takes all tenant inquiries
  • -Unit inspection pre move-in and post move-out
  • -Rule enforcement and fine collection
  • -Coordinate lease renewals
  • -Coordinate evictions with an attorney
  • -Neighbor relations
  • -Insurance maintenance and claims
  • -24/7 emergency service answering line
  • -Negotiation of pricing with maintenance personnel
  • -Monitoring of maintenance personnel
  • -Preventative maintenance calendar

Financial Services

  • -Collect and deposit rents—online and auto-debit payment options are available
  • -Monitor late rent payments and coordinate collections
  • -Monthly and annual reports
  • -Create annual budget
  • -Pay bills
  • -Collaborate with accountant for tax filing
  • -Make mortgage payments

Maintenance and Cleaning Services*

  • -Emergency and non-emergency repairs, including plumbing and electrical
  • -HVAC
  • -Pest control
  • -Painting
  • -Garage door maintenance
  • -Elevator maintenance
  • -Intercom and security camera system maintenance
  • -Hallway cleaning
  • -Carpet cleaning
  • -Gutter, drain and downspout cleaning
  • -Window washing
  • -Graffiti removal
  • -Landscaping
  • -Snow removal
  • -Trash removal
  • -Towing
* For maintenance and cleaning services, Owl Management will secure and oversee
competitively-priced providers. The cost of the actual services provided will vary and will be
charged to the owner.

Looking for services not listed? Contact us—we will work with your needs!