Do I Really Need a Professional Property Manager?

Managing an investment property can be challenging and time-consuming for an owner. Are you prepared to deal with complaints, maintenance, legal issues, neighbor disputes and more?

Property owners who do it themselves, or hire a handyman, contractor or realtor, often find this is not only stressful . . . but can also be a costly mistake.  

Protect your investment and maximize its returns by hiring the professionals at Owl Management.

Here’s why:

For Financial Reasons: The Bottom Line!

Consider the size of your real estate investment. A few missteps in the management of your property could significantly diminish your returns.
Protect your investment, and add value to it, with Owl’s expertise:
– Limit costly turnovers with responsive service for tenants
– Get the highest rental rates based on neighborhood market analysis
– Consider improvements that could increase your rental rates
– Schedule preventive maintenance to help avoid costly repairs
– Market units extensively to limit vacancies and find good tenants
– Avoid expensive legal issues

Owl has the financial expertise and industry experience to help maximize the profitability of your property. And that’s the bottom line.

For Accurate Financial Information

Are you prepared to keep tabs on rent payments and late fees, as well as recording your income and expenses?
Financial information is at your fingertips with Owl’s online reports:
– Financial reports
– Budgets
– Rent rolls
– Filing your taxes will be easier with the information compiled by Owl.

Can you give your tenants the online convenience they want?
Owl’s online services for tenants:
– Pay rent and late fees
– Request maintenance
– View building rules
– View leases
– Request lease renewal

For Leasing Services: the best tenants at the highest rents

Vacancy is often a major expense for a landlord. Your vacant units need to be marketed quickly and extensively.
Owl will utilize MLS, and list your property on dozens of other web sites.

Prompt availability for showings is essential, especially in Chicago where rental turnover happens very quickly.
We have full-time leasing agents on staff to handle your showings.

If you put a bad tenant in your rental, it could cost you thousands of lost rent dollars and result in expensive repairs.
Owl carefully screens tenants by checking credit, income and references.

Do you know the highest rent you are likely to get for your property?
Maximize your rental rate with a professional market analysis by Owl.

For Prompt, Quality Maintenance Service

Delays or improper handling of maintenance requests are major reasons tenants move out. Do you have maintenance and cleaning vendors who will make your property a high priority?
We have strong relationships with maintenance and cleaning professionals, who provide prompt service at competitive rates. This keeps tenants happy, and protects your property.

Are you prepared to handle phone calls from tenants, even in the middle of the night?
Tenant phone calls and e-mails are handled quickly and efficiently by Owl. Plus, we provide 24-hour emergency service, so you can rest easy!

For Legal Expertise and Protection

Do you know that . . .
– you can be sued for three times the amount of the dispute if you mishandle a financial matter with a resident?
– there are a number of situations when a tenant can legally withhold rent or break a lease?

Owl Management’s team is familiar with the extensive requirements of the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance, and can help provide valuable protection for you.
– Handle funds properly to protect your rights
– Avoid expensive legal issues
– Create strong leases that will protect your rights as a landlord
– Coordinate evictions with legal counsel
– Provide liability and fidelity insurance

You can maximize your returns and enjoy stress-free ownership with Owl Management. We’ll watch out for your interests!