Application Process

So you’re ready to apply for an apartment? Please review all of the below information to prevent any confusion and to expedite the process.

Before beginning the application, please disable any and all pop-up blockers, including those that are part of your browser. If you don’t, you will not be able to complete the application. Please use a desktop/laptop computer (not a smartphone or tablet). It is strongly recommended that you use Chrome; other browsers may cause issues.

• “Applicants” are prospective tenants or guarantors. Each applicant must be at least 18 years old. (Minors do not need to complete applications.)
• “Tenants” are all persons who are at least 18 years old and who will reside in the leased property.
• “Guarantors” are people who are at least 18 years old and who singularly qualify for the lease. Guarantors may not reside in the leased property, but they will be legally liable in the event that any tenant defaults or violates any term of the lease. A guarantor guarantees the performance of every tenant, not just a particular tenant.

Regarding guarantors…

Owl Management is the agent of many different property owners. Some owners permit guarantors, but many of them do not. You must receive explicit permission from the leasing agent before submitting an application for a guarantor or that includes a guarantor.

Do you understand the application criteria?
Each application will be reviewed for:
• Credit score
• Gross (pre-tax) income
• Criminal background and eviction history
• Landlord reference(s)

If you have questions about any of the criteria, please contact your leasing agent before beginning an application. The application fee ($50) is not refundable.

If your application is pending approval, missing documents, or is otherwise incomplete, applications from other parties may be accepted and approved. To prevent this from scenario from arising, please have the following before you begin the application process:
• Proof of income
• Funds for at least one month’s rent and all applicable fees to submit payment
• Renter’s insurance selection
• Motivation to sign the lease

When you’re ready to begin:
• Submit a completed, electronically signed application
• If employed, provide proof of income for at least one full month. (Pay statements are preferred.) If you’ve recently accepted new employment, provide an offer letter on the employer’s letterhead.

If you are informed that your application has been approved, your leasing agent will provide information about your lease, the required payment(s), and renter’s insurance requirements. You should be prepared to sign your lease and pay at least one month’s rent (as well as other applicable fees) within 48 hours of the acceptance of your application. The apartment is not considered “off the market” until your lease is signed and payments are received.

One last (but very important) thing…

Each tenant is required to maintain renter’s insurance for the duration of the lease, beginning on (or before) the first day of your lease (even if you don’t plan to move into the property until a later date). Proof of insurance must be provided to us before we sign your lease, so please start looking into insurance options now!

Before you begin the application, your browser must be configured to allow pop-ups for the application software to function properly; otherwise, you may need to complete a new application.

When you’re ready to submit your application click Here