Assessment Payment Options


Owl Management offers its condominium owners two easy and convenient assessment payment options.

Option 1

Pay online with check or credit card.  It is FREE to pay online with a check. You can also set up automatic payments through this online payment system. To access the online payment system, click here.

Option 2

Mail a check made out to: ‘Your Association’s Name.’

This check can be mailed to:

Owl Management

3047 N. Lincoln Avenue, Suite 208

Chicago, IL 60657

Be sure to note your address and unit number on the check if it’s not already there.

Using a bank’s auto-bill pay service to send the check is acceptable, but be sure to include in the mailing address that the payment is in c/o Owl Management.  If the envelope is only addressed to the name of your association it increases the likelihood of it being lost in the mail or returned.

You can also drop off checks between 9-5pm Monday-Friday. There is no after hours or weekend drop box.