Rent Payment Options


Owl Management offers its tenants 2 easy and convenient rent payment options.

Option 1

Mail a check made out to: ‘Owl Management’ to be received by the 1st of the month.

This check can be mailed to:

Owl Management

3047 N. Lincoln Avenue, Suite 208

Chicago, IL 60657

Be sure to note your address and unit number on the check if it’s not already there.

Using a bank’s auto-bill pay service to send the check is acceptable.

Option 2

Paylease allows you to make one-time payments online each month with a check, or pay online with a credit card. If you pay with check online, this service is FREE! To use the service click here, sign up and find your property.  You can search by your unit’s address or search for it by searching for “Owl” as the property management company.

We DO NOT accept cash for rent payments.

Cashier’s checks or money orders are acceptable.

We unfortunately do not have an after hours drop box at our office.